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Instructor Resources for Course: Beginner Spanish for English Speakers

Course: Introduction to Spanish for English Speakers

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This free Spanish course is designed to help middle school children (ages 11-13) begin to appreciate and learn Spanish. See below for free lesson plans for Beginner Spanish for English Speakers

Lesson #1: Learning a Language

  Lesson Plan for Learning a Language
An introduction to why someone should learn a second language and the advantages of learning Spanish. Includes English parts of speech review to help when talking about Spanish parts of speech.
  • Understand the value of learning a second language
  • Learn why Spanish is a valuable second language to learn
  • Be prepared to take learning a second language seriously
  • Review English parts of speech

Lesson #2: What You Know | Que Sabes

  Lesson Plan for What You Know | Que Sabes
Rapidly learn Spanish by first understanding the many cognates that are easy for English speakers to learn.
  • What are cognates and what are examples of each type in Spanish
  • Remember cognates to build immediate vocabulary
  • Introduction to basic salutations in Spanish

Lesson #3: Greetings | Saludos

  Lesson Plan for Greetings | Saludos
How to greet people in Spanish and how to reply appropriately to greetings.
  • Be able to greet people and reply to greetings in Spanish
  • Have comfortable beginner conversations in Spanish
  • Ask and answer basic followup questions in Spanish

Lesson #4: Numbers & Letters | Números y Letras

  Lesson Plan for Numbers & Letters | Números y Letras
This lesson teaches the basics of numbers and letters in Spanish.
  • How to count to 1,000 in Spanish
  • Say the Spanish Alphabet
  • Basic Spanish math terms like plus and minus

Lesson #5: People | Gente

  Lesson Plan for People | Gente
This lesson includes talking about people, how to discuss people, body parts, and common jobs.
  • Learn Spanish vocabulary for people
  • Learn Spanish vocabulary for body and face
  • Learn to discuss people in Spanish
  • Master core materials and pass assessment demonstrating knowledge

Lesson #6: Common Things | Cosas Común

  Lesson Plan for Common Things | Cosas Común
Common objects you will frequently talk about and need to know in Spanish and how to talk about them.
  • Expand Spanish vocabulary with useful words that are common objects
  • Be able to talk ask questions about jobjects

Lesson #7: Questions & Answers | Preguntas y Respuestas

  Lesson Plan for Questions & Answers | Preguntas y Respuestas
Expanding ability to ask and answer questions in Spanish. Includes who, what, where, why, and how.
  • Learn who, what, when, where, why, and how
  • Practice situations where you need to ask or answer questions in Spanish

Lesson #8: Colors | Colores

  Lesson Plan for Colors | Colores
Learn a variety of colors and how to use them as adjectives in Spanish.
  • Learn Color Vocabulary in Spanish
  • Colors and compound color differences

Lesson #9: Adjectives | Adjetivos

  Lesson Plan for Adjectives | Adjetivos
Expand vocabulary with more adjectives in Spanish. Learn rules and variety to be more descriptive.
  • Learn over 50 adjectives
  • Learn how to use adjectives to be more descriptive

Lesson #10: Adverbs | Adverbios

  Lesson Plan for Adverbs | Adverbios
Learn a variety of adverbs and how to use them in Spanish.
  • Learn 50+ adverbs
  • Use Spanish adverbs correctly with verbs

Lesson #11: Verbs | Verbos

  Lesson Plan for Verbs | Verbos
Learn a group of common verbs and how to conjugate them in Spanish in the present tense.
  • Learn 25 common Spanish verbs
  • Conjugation of regular Spanish verbs
  • Conjegation of irregular common verbs in Spanish.

Lesson #12: Travel & Money | Viajar y Dinero

  Lesson Plan for Travel & Money | Viajar y Dinero
Learn vocabulary and phrases important for buying things and traveling.
  • Vocabulary and phrases needed when traveling
  • Asking for directions
  • Common transportation, hotel, and restaurant conversations
  • Money and purchasing things in Spanish

Lesson #13: Food | Comida

  Lesson Plan for Food | Comida
Learn about vocabulary for common foods in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • 50+ food vocabulary words in Spanish
  • Vocabulary and phrases for ordering, shopping and preparing food in Spanish

Lesson #14: Animals | Animales

  Lesson Plan for Animals | Animales
Learn vocabulary for animals in Spanish.
  • Learn 25+ Spanish words for different animals
  • How to talk about animals in Spanish, including feeding, riding, walking

Lesson #15: Activities | Actividades

  Lesson Plan for Activities | Actividades
Learn vocabulary for activities people do.
  • Vocabulary and ways to talk about various activities in Spanish
  • Self care, sports, and recreation

Lesson #16: Time & Dates | Tiempo y Fechas

  Lesson Plan for Time & Dates | Tiempo y Fechas
This lesson will help students master telling time, the days of the week, months, and dates in Spanish.
  • Learn dates, times, days of the week, and months in Spanish
  • Tell time, including partial hours

Lesson #17: Test Lesson

  Lesson Plan for Test Lesson
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